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Reflexology at Amala

Reflexology is a science that deals with reflex points on the feet and hands, that correlate with and can affect other limbs, organs, glands or parts of the body. In our blood we can find heavy metals and toxins, which tend to fall and collect in the feet. This can form little crystals or tender points in the feet, that negatively impact the flow of blood, energy and nerve impulses- which is why the feet seem to be the most sensitive and the most responsive to Reflexology.  Through the practice of Reflexology, working reflex points in the feet, we are able to help many health problems in a natural way, and address other areas of the body that may be injured or too tender to work directly.  Reflexology is also an effective means of preventative maintenance for maintaining overall well being.

Get in touch if you are interested in beginning your path to wellness through Reflexology!

30 minutes  $65

45 minutes  $85

60 minutes  $105

The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology, that we practice at Amala, is named after Eunice Ingham. She is known in the world of Reflexology and health sciences, as The Mother of Reflexology.  It is through her work, her studies, her charting and documentation that the reflex charts we use today came to be.  We are grateful for her time and her efforts in the field.  Thanks Eunice! 

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