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318 S. Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792

Contact Amala Massage + Esthetics @ BreathEasy Wellness Center



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The best and fastest way to reach Crystal is Via Text Messaging.  However, Please be mindful that she is the Therapist + the Receptionist, so she is unable to answer calls, texts, and emails while she is with clients. Each question, comment, and inquiry is important to her + she will get back to you as soon as her schedule allows! Also, if you have left a voicemail or sent a text and you have not received a response, please don't hesitate to reach back out--Technology is great, but sometimes technology fails, sometimes there is A user error, and sometimes there are just a lot of messages in the queue and things can get missed or overlooked. 
Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

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