Yoga Trapeze Training at Amala

We will be offering  Private Yoga Trapeze Training at Amala, in the Fall of 2019.  We will begin selling packages and scheduling appointments in the near future.  If you are interested in becoming stronger, more flexible, relieving some of that nagging back pain, and creating more balance in your mind and body, then you are going to want to be a part of this!


I love being a Massage Therapist and helping my clients reduce stress and relieve pain through Therapeutic Massage, however, I see that a lot of the pain and the stress is due to postural issues and imbalances in the body, due to lack of strength and flexibility combined with the repetitive movements we practice daily while working, driving, sitting at desks, holding phones, and even sports and repetitive gym routines.  With Yoga Trapeze these issues can be addressed and helped more directly, by improving strength, flexibility and body balance.  It's these things; being able to assist clients on a deeper, more long term level, as well as my own need for self-care and  body balance that led me to become certified as a Yoga Trapeze Teacher.  Another great thing about the Yoga Trapeze is that it is more accessible to beginners, since the poses are supported and assisted!  I look forward to helping each one of you gain more strength, flexibility, balance, and body confidence through Yoga Trapeze Training!

I will be offering FREE 30 minute Discovery Classes for those who are seriously interested in training!  The purpose of this, is so that we can meet, go over your goals, and try out a few poses.  This will help me to create a personalized Trapeze Training Session for you, if you choose to sign up for Private trainings. 

**A minimum of 4 Trainings, paid in advance, is required.  Other Training Packages are available as well, for 8 or 12 Trainings.  Trainings can be scheduled 1 to 2 times per week.

**As with any fitness activity there are some limitations, and if needed, you should get clearance from your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.  If you have a Disc Herniation classified as 2 or greater, have Glaucoma, Hypertension, or are Pregnant, you will not  be able to participate in Yoga Trapeze Training.