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Walk It Out  60 minute Session   $85
Walk It Out  90 minute Session   $120
Walk It Out  120 minute Session  $155

As part of the transition to more women centric services, I am adding a new service that combines movement + motivation with a listening ear and neutral, christian based advice. (Of course, if the weather is not permitting the walking, or if you'd rather have a private seated session, we can meet in my treatment room at the spa.) 
I am neither a clinical therapist, nor am I a trained psychologist, but I have had a great deal of real time life-coaching experience with family, friends, clients, and significant others. I have been well seasoned in life, and have faced an extensive amount of challenging circumstances that have increased my connection to spirit, and made me aware of my inherent gift of understanding and empathy regarding our human conditions. 
I have experience with sudden unexpected death and loss, chronic illness and drawn-out suffering and loss, suicide, cancer, many faces of grief, domestic traumas and familial instability, sexual misconducts, the let down of love in serious and long-term relationships, narcissistic abuse, as well as the broken heart that is unique to those many different circumstances. 
If I had to narrow down a specialization, I'd say relationships, with others and with self, which are a part of emotionally and spiritually maturing, and truly being honest with ones self; and to me, it seems that those things really are the foundations for everything else.

I believe we are souls within a body, not just bodies with a soul; we are so much more than what we see with eyes!  I believe we are all truly magical, miraculous creations, each designed with our own special and unique gifts and talents, as well as our own unique shortcomings, challenges and things to overcome, and I want to help you know, embrace and work through all those things, as much as I can, one session at a time.  

My first career choice was Psychology, however, over time I discovered that working with my heart, my head, AND my hands, ALL together, was one of my gifts and blessings.  I believe it isn't a coincidence, that throughout life, I have been and remain, the person that many I know reach out to for advice, honest opinions, hard truths, and encouragement.  So, that is part of the reason I have decided to incorporate such a service into my professional life, because I believe there are many more people out there who I could be helping, by being a neutral party, with a listening ear, God-centered advice, and the cardio is just a cherry on top!
Text book educations are important, that's part of how I got where I am, and I absolutely believe knowledge is power; it lends to greater understanding and capacity for growth, but without educating the heart, the mind is limited!  The best education we get, the deepest education, comes from our life experiences, and how honest we are with ourselves about our ourselves, our circumstances, and our choices.

Our emotional health and well-being is also largely impacted by our physical health and well-being.  Most of us know that, yet sometimes we still might need a little help finding the motivation to get moving and the time to make that happen! I understand that sometimes we need a partner, sometimes we need to have it on our schedules, and sometimes we just need someone else to talk to!  All of these understandings are part of what led to this new service. 
It's like an active advice column, like Dear Crystal, up close and in motion. 
I hope that this service finds you, if this is what you need, and if you know someone who may be in need of it, I hope that you will share it with them!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Many Blessings + Much Love from Me to You!

***Locations are optional:  We can walk around the Laurel Hill Cemetery or the more traditional route around Cherokee Lake.  We just need to make this decision before our scheduled session.***

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