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Amala, in Sanskrit, means Pure. 


At Amala, our intention is to bring purity, peace + presence to the mind, body + Spirit of women.


Amala, is a woman owned business, that is here to support and nurture women from our community and beyond.  Amala, is located in Downtown Thomasville, and is part of a Co-Op at BreathEasy Wellness Center on Broad Street. Amala's combination of Wellness Treatments include- Therapeutic Massage for pain relief and relaxation, Ingham Method of Reflexology, and Organic Skin Care. 


Treating women with a kind, compassionate, loving spirit and assisting them in obtaining a better, more relaxed, more functional life, with decreased pain and stress, and increased peace and vitality is the goal!  Through the ancient art of healing, therapeutic massage, reflexology, self-care education and natural, organic skin care, I strive to bring balance and well-being to each and every woman, both inside and out.  I want you to love the skin you're in!  I look forward to seeing you ease into a more comfortable life, where you are not being held back by pain or weighed down by stress.  

Please take your time as you look through the site and explore the menu of services and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 


I appreciate you stopping by! 


Thank you kindly,

Blessings + Namaste,

Crystal Livingston

Owner, LMT, LE, C.R.

***Important Information***

Unfortunately, I have had a massive number of late cancellations that were not due to illness or emergency, therefore it became necessary for me to implement and enforce these new policies, effective March 2024.

No-Show + Late Cancellation Policies

*No-Shows - You will be charged the full price of your missed service.

*Cancellations day of, or the day before, you will be charged the full price of your missed service.

*You will receive a text reminder about your appointment 48 hours in advance. You will need to let me know that day, asap, if you will need to reschedule, to avoid being charged for late cancellation. 

*I schedule in advance, and by appointment only. So, 24-48 hours is usually not even enough time to fill your spot, which means I cannot makeup for the income that is lost, and I can't get someone else in that may have needed my services.

I am grateful that you have chosen me to be a part of your self-care! I feel blessed, and thankful to be providing self-care for others as my job, but it is my job and my means of income, and when faced with so many late cancellations I cannot effectively make ends meet and provide for my family. So, I will be fully enforcing my late cancellation and no-show policies.


*If you have a card on file I will charge that card, otherwise I will send you an invoice via text or email that must be paid in full upon receipt, before you can book your next appointment.

*If invoices are not paid, you will no longer be able to receive services at Amala Massage + Esthetics.

*If Late Cancellation is due to personal illness or a significant emergency, no fee will be assessed! I absolutely understand those things happen occasionally, and I myself will likely have to cancel last minute for such things occasionally, so I ask that you are understanding and remember the door swings both ways when that occurs. We must rely on the Honor System here, and I trust that you, as I, will be honest about your reasons for late cancellations and no-shows, and understandingly take care of your fees when applicable. My hope is not to charge a great deal for services I am not getting to provide, but that these policies will help me to avoid unnecessary loses, and help you to prioritize our scheduled appointments and your self-care.

Our Hours:

Tuesday - Friday

By Appointment Only



We Accept:


Local Check

Cash App+Venmo

Debit+Credit Cards

Downtown Dollars

Gift Certificates 

If you've received services, and you had a great experience, please take a moment to Rate or leave a Review below, on Google, Square, or on Multiple Platforms, if you have the time!  This helps others make informed decisions about their self-care, and it also helps us to boost Amala's online presence.  If you've had a service, and you have an issue, question or concern, please contact Amala directly so I can try to help resolve or make right the situation.  
Thanks in advance for your time and your trust!

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