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Amala, in Hindi, means Pure. 


At Amala, our intention is to bring purity, peace + presence to the mind, body + Spirit of women.


Amala, is a woman owned business, that is here to support and nurture women from our community and beyond.  Amala, is located in Downtown Thomasville, and is part of a Co-Op at BreathEasy Wellness Center on Broad Street. Amala's combination of Wellness Treatments include- Therapeutic Massage for pain relief and relaxation, Ingham Method of Reflexology, and Organic Skin Care. 


Treating women with a kind, compassionate, loving spirit and assisting them in obtaining a better, more relaxed, more functional life, with decreased pain and stress, and increased peace and vitality is the goal!  Through the ancient art of healing, therapeutic massage, reflexology, self-care education and natural, organic skin care, we strive to bring balance and well-being to each and every woman, both inside and out.  We look forward to seeing you ease into a more comfortable life, where you are not being held back by pain or weighed down by stress.  


Skin care products at Amala are natural, organic, essential oil, plant + botanical based, non-gmo and cruelty-free.  We offer only the finest skincare products and services, free of chemicals known to be irritants, hormone disruptors and carcinogens, because we believe that what we put on our skin, is just as important as what we put in it.  The skin care focus at Amala is on aging gracefully, naturally, which means helping each person reveal their best skin, all while loving the skin they are in!


Please take your time as you look through the site and explore the menu of services and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 


I appreciate you stopping by! 


Thank you kindly,

Blessings + Namaste,

Crystal Livingston

Owner, LMT, LE, C.R.

Our Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 2:30pm

By Appointment Only



We Accept:


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Downtown Dollars

Debit + Credit Cards



If you've received our services, and you had a great experience, please take a moment to Rate or leave a Review below, on Google, Square or Yelp, or on Multiple Platforms, if you have the time!  This helps others make informed decisions about their self-care, and it also helps us to boost Amala's online presence.  If you've had a service, and you have an issue, question or concern, please contact Amala directly so that we can try to help resolve or make right the situation.  
Thanks in advance for your time and your trust!